Water Pollution


Water Pollution Control

The Commission investigates complaints regarding discharges to surface and ground water, as well as complaints involving non public community water supply systems. Point sources of unpermitted discharges are identified and corrective action initiated in accordance with state and federal regulations.


2012 Complaint Investigations
Air Pollution Control 246
Noise Pollution Control 49
Water Pollution Control 32
Pesticide Control 3
Enforcement Actions 738
Facility Inspections 1383

The Commission is responsible for the inspection of non community public water supply systems in the categories of transient and non transient facilities.  The facilities are inspected to assure that the water system is maintained and monitored for levels of certain contaminants including:

  •  Coliform Bacteria

  •  Nitrates/Nitrites

  •  Lead and Copper

  •  Inorganic Compounds

  •  Asbestos

  •  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

  •  Pesticides

  •  Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOC’s)

All violations of applicable state and federal regulations regarding non community public water systems are reported to the NJDEP and enforced in the appropriate venue.