Source Registration

Source Registration Requirement for Air Pollution Sources

The Air Pollution Control Code of the Essex Regional Health Commission requires the registration of certain fuel burning units (oil, gas, coal) and air pollution sources and the permitting of incinerators.  The Code applies to commercial and industrial facilities, and residential/apartment buildings comprised of eight or more units within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

All registered/permitted facilities are sent renewal notices at the beginning of each registration /permitting cycle.  The current registration/permitting cycle extends from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021.

Any existing or new facility which has not registered/permitted equipment for the current registration/permitting cycle or has added equipment which has already been previously registered with the Commission, may download registration applications, using the attached (buttons).

All facilities must submit the General Facility Information page.  Equipment inventory pages must be submitted for the specific equipment at each facility.  Emission Source page must be used for all other sources of air pollution not specifically indicated.

Any facility which has to permit an incinerator must contact this agency directly.

The Air Pollution Control Code can also be downloaded here.

(The forms and Code require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

*** See below for description of forms

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Description of Forms


Cover_Letter.pdf Legal Requirement for Fees
Instruction_Sheet.pdf Instruction Sheet for Fee Schedule
SR_AB_Appl.pdf Equipment inventory Section- Spray Booths, Fuel Burning Equipment
SR_DC_Appl.pdf Dryclearner Equipment, Fuel Burning Equipment
SR_FB_form.pdf Fuel Burning Equipment
SR_GENInfo_form.pdf General Information and Facility Profile
SR_GS_Appl.pdf Gasoline Dispensing Operation
SR_Source_form.pdf Equipment Inventory Section
the_ERHC_apollcc.pdf Air Pollution Control Code of the Essex Regional Health Commission