Sandy Recovery



NEW INFO:  Essex Regional Health Commission through the assitance of Local Health Departments is committed to supporting communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy through response, recovery, and community resiliency efforts.   Through the partnership with the County’s PAC/PACADA, ERHC is able to share a comprehensive listing of Social Services available for our residents in Essex County.

 A comprehensive listing of Social Services:  files/Essex_County_Resource_Guide.pdf


Super-Storm Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29, 2012. The storm caused unprecedented damage to New Jersey’s housing, business, infrastructure, health, social service and environmental sectors.  Sandy made it clear that governmental public health continues to have a significant role in recovery from disasters.  Recovery in the aftermath of the Super-Storm Sandy is protracted, dynamic, and complex and for this reason, there is a long-term need to ensure that the outstanding and long-term health, behavioral health, and social service needs of Sandy survivors are identified and addressed.  Click the topic below to find recovery resources to help you and your family.  

If you have a question or are looking for something else, please contact Vaidehi Dave at (973) 251-2059 or We also invite you to share these resources and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

·         Food and Housing

·         Physical Health

·         Transportation

·         Emotional Support

·         Family Services 

·         Legal Services

·         General Assistance

Food and Housing

If you are in need of food, visit End Hunger NJ to find information about a food pantry in your area. Be sure to call before you go to confirm their hours and available meals.  Here are some other organizations that can help with food stamps, TANF, classes, and housing:

·         Community Food Bank of NJ: Call 908-355-3663

·         Essex County Parish Access Center: Call 973-266-7991 or visit

·         Goodwill Rescue Mission: Call 973-621-9560 or visit

·         Grover Cleveland Center for Seniors: Call 973-403-4637

·         SAGE Eldercare’s Meals on Wheels: Call 908-273-5554 or visit

·         Essex County Division of Welfare: Call 973-733-3000 or visit You can also contact

          for bilingual email assistance.

Physical Health

If you have questions regarding mold, lead, asbestos, or flood water clean-up you can call Department of Health and Human Services at 609.826.4950/4920.

Mold Guidelines for NJ Residents:

Below are some other groups that can help with home repair, personal items lost, health services, legal services, housing needs, financial assistance, and protection against future storms:

·         Essex Count Long-Term Recovery Group (ECLTRG):  please call 973.624.8300 Ext. 243 or The ECLTRG also provides assistance for people 

          who are undocumented.

·         American Red Cross Long Term Recovery: Call 848.202.2930/2931 or visit


The Essex County Special Transportation System provides curb-to-curb services for Essex County residents with physical or mental disabilities.  Please contact:

Division of Senior Services

900 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044

Call: 973-395-5858

To find out about the shuttle services for Welfare Clients and Community cars program for Seniors, call EZ Ride at 973-961-6941 or visit

Emotional Support

The aftermath of Sandy has been emotionally difficult and caused many of us a lot of stress, anger, difficulty sleeping and easting, depression, inability to concentrate, and/or increased alcohol or drug use.

Here are people and resources who can help you or someone you know feel better:

·         Catholic Charities’ Disaster Case Management: Call 877.510.6762 or 2-1-1 or visit

·         Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark Disaster Case Management Program: Call 973-266-7982 or visit

·         Ironbound Community Corporation: Call 973-589-3353 or visit

·         Mental Health Association of Essex County: Call 973-676-9111 or visit

  ·          Mental Health Association in New Jersey: Call the New Jersey MentalHealthCares’ Disaster Helpline at 866-202-4357 (HELP) or visit

             A TTY line is available at (877) 294-4356.  Translation services are available as well.

·         Comunidade Farliar Crista: Call 862-955-0483

·         Irvington Counseling Center: Call 973-399-3132 or visit

·         Mental Health Association of Essex County: Call 973-509-9777 or visit

·         Mt. Carmel Guide Behavioral Healthcare, 56 Freeman Street, Newark or call 973-522-2100 or visit  

·         New Hope Baptist Church: Call 973-991-2773 or visit

·         Traumatic Loss Coalition for Youth: Call 973-239-5382 or visit

·         University Behavioral Health Care: Call (973) 623-2323or visit

·         Where Peaceful Waters Flow: Call 973-677-7700

Family Support

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) funds a statewide network of Family Success Centers as “one-stop” shops that provide resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis. Family Success Centers offer child abuse prevention services and address problems that threaten the safety and stability of families and the community. Family Success Centers also offer information on child, maternal and family health services, family stability, employment and income security services, life skills training (such as budgeting and nutrition), housing related services, parent education, advocacy, and home visiting.

Here is a list of Family Success Centers in Essex County:

  • Babyland Family Success Center

755 South Orange Avenue, Newark


  • Central and West Ward Family Success Center

982 Broad Street, Newark


  • East Orange Family Success Center

60 Evergreen Place, Suite 307, East Orange


  • FOCUS Family Success Center

441-443 Broad Street, Newark

973-624-2528 ext. 114

  • Ironbound Community Corporation Family Success Center

29-31 Cortland Street, Newark

973-344-5949 ext 201

  • Ironbound Community Corporation Family Success Center

317 Elm Street, Newark

973-465-0555 ext 202

  • Irvington Family Development Center Family Success Center

50 Union Avenue, Suite 403, Irvington  

973-372-4353 ext 17

  • LaCasa’s Family Success Center I

23 Broadway, Newark

973-483-2703 ext 2218

  • LaCasa’s Family Success Center II

282 First Avenue, Newark


  • The North Ward Center Family Success Center

286 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark


And if you are trying to help young people deal with the aftereffects of the hurricane, here are some resources you can share:

Legal Services

If you have insurance claims, home repair contractor disputes, public adjuster issues and other civil legal problems related to Hurricane Sandy, you may be able to get FREE legal advice from volunteer attorneys of Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (VLJ).

Here is a list of their local clinics:

·         Legal Services of NJ Hotline: Call 888-222-5765 or visit

·         Community Health Law Project: Call 973-275-1175 or visit

·         Partners for Women and Justice: Call 973-233-0111 or visit

·         Volunteer Lawyers for Justice: Call 855-301-2525 or visit

General Assistance

If you are looking for information on all state social services and on-line applications please visit

If you’d like to learn about your local communityresources, Call 2-1-1 by simply dialing 2-1-1 from any phone or go to  Each county has specific services set up for individuals and families affected by the recent flooding.  An experienced call specialist can help youfind the best and most current service availableto meet your needs.


Finally, here are some other helpful phone numbers to call:

·         General needs or food stamps: 973-395-8000

·         Medicaid/Family Care: 973-645-7134

·         Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: 973-733-2319/3183

·         Emergency Assistance: 973-645-8369

·         Child Support and Paternity: 973-733-3392

·         Nursing Home Services: 973-645-7084

·         Adult Medicaid Program: 973-645-8342

·         Information and Referral: 973-733-3000

Your Poison Control Hotline:  files/English_lo_adobe.pdf