Air Pollution


Air Pollution Control

The ERHC enforces provisions of state and local air quality regulations and investigates citizen complaints, approximately 500 annually.  All complaints are addressed on a priority basis.


2012 Complaint Investigations
Air Pollution Control 246
Noise Pollution Control 49
Water Pollution Control 32
Pesticide Control 3
Enforcement Actions 738
Facility Inspections 1383

The responsibility for inspecting greater than two thirds of the regulated facilities within the county is assigned to the Commission by the NJDEP; facilities include gasoline service stations, dry cleaners, auto body shops, and the majority of other commercial and small manufacturing facilities.

Compliance inspections of facilities are scheduled on a prioritized basis from the Commission’s computerized information management system. Conducting an average 1,000 inspections per year, facilities are selected for inspection based on inspection cycles mandated by the NJDEP, compliance history, new regulatory initiatives or public health concerns.