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Health Education

Scheduled Programs

Through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) grant, 110 individuals were hired statewide to enhance the public health infrastructure and assist with bioterrorism preparedness. In this group of people are Health Educators/Risk Communicators. Some of the duties of the Health Educator/Risk Communicator are to review and enhance local resources, identify skills and capacities county wide, identify methods for ongoing training, develop and distribute educational materials for the public on Bioterrorism and ensure the delivery of Bioterrorism specific education to the appropriate personnel.

Calendar of Programs

NOTE: All satellite broadcasts are recorded and available in our lending library.

Description of Education Programs

New Jersey Learning Management Network

The Essex Regional Health Commission is now an official downlink site for the New Jersey Learning Management Network (LMN). The LMN is found within Cook College, Rutgers University but is funded in most part by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJHDSS).

          Distance learning education is usually described as teaching/learning interaction in which the instructor is separated from the student by time or physical distance or both. Many, but not all of the offerings are available by satellite downlink.

Distance Leaning program in session

          The LMN offers a variety of health related courses, including the 40 Hour Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness Training and Certificate Program. With proper registration, it is possible for various health care licensees to obtain Continuing Education Units, which are a yearly requirement for maintaining an active license (i.e. Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist).

           To register for courses or to see the listings for the entire state visit: New Jersey Learning Management Network. At this site, a prospective participant can see what is offered, where it is offered, date/time of course and you can register to view that offering at a specific site. The sites that are downlinking the program will be listed with that specific calendar item. There is no cost charged by LMN for this service.

Please visit the LMN site periodically; if there is a course that interests you and you would like to view that course at the Essex Regional Health Commission; please call (973) 325-3212 and arrangements will be made to host.






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